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Real-Time Error Monitoring in GitHub Marketplace

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Real-Time Error Monitoring in GitHub Marketplace

Rollbar becomes select partner in GitHub Marketplace launch, as both companies look to help improve the security of open source code.

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Great talking to Brian Rue, Co-Founder and CEO, and Michael Davis, Chief Revenue Officer of Rollbar about their participation in GitHub’s newly revealed GitHub Marketplace, a one-stop shop for developers looking to take advantage of tools throughout the full lifecycle of the development process.

Through the company’s proprietary technology, Rollbar enables developers to find and fix critical production errors quickly by intelligently grouping errors and notifying teams in real-time via multiple channels. Developers then have the detailed information they need to resolve the error before end-users have even noticed or reported it.

Thanks to Rollbar’s implementation of the new GitHub Apps APIs, developers will have more granular access to Rollbar for more secure outcomes while understanding when code breaks in production. Also when Rollbar is installed from the Marketplace, integration points can tell what's a bot and what's an actual user and the integration continues working even if the developer leaves the company resulting in a more enterprise-friendly solution.

"With GitHub Marketplace, developers across the globe can discover and purchase the tools they need more easily than ever," said Joe Wadcan, GitHub's head of business development. "Rollbar helps developers fix and find production errors in real-time, and we're thrilled that now, our community of 21 million developers can get started using Rollbar directly from our platform."

As an integrated partner in GitHub Marketplace, community members can now take advantage of the company’s full suite of real-time error monitoring and alerting capabilities. In addition to the company’s recent launch of the Compliant SaaS offering, which assures customers that even if their errors contain protected health information (PHI) or other sensitive data, it will be protected in compliance with regulations and industry standards.

“GitHub’s enormous developer community is the perfect place to insert Rollbar as a tool to provide real-time error monitoring and alerting,” said Brian Rue, Co-Founder and CEO of Rollbar. “With this new integration, it's easier than ever for developers on the GitHub platform to build robust applications with error monitoring and, together with the other best-of-breed tools in GitHub Marketplace, run their whole workflows through GitHub.”

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