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Real-Time Streaming, Analytics, and Visualization With MemSQL and Zoomdata

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Real-Time Streaming, Analytics, and Visualization With MemSQL and Zoomdata

Look at presentations about database system design and implementation, real-time visualization with Zoomdata, streaming analytics on MemSQL, and more.

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We regularly host meetups at MemSQL headquarters as a way to share what we have been working on, connect with the community, and get in-person feedback from people like you. We also invite partners and customers to join us as well. Recently, we had the pleasure of hosting a meetup with Zoomdata, where we shared two presentations on real-time streaming, analytics, and visualization using MemSQL and Zoomdata.

The first presentation "Streaming in the Enterprise With MemSQL" is presented by MemSQL engineer, Neil Dahlke. Neil builds analytical and operational tools for MemSQL and our customers. In this talk, Neil discusses the MemSQL system design, how to implement MemSQL into a high-performance streaming architecture, use cases, and how to leverage Zoomdata for real-time visualization.

The second presentation in the video is "Streaming Analytics on MemSQL," presented by Zoomdata Senior Director of Product Marketing, Ian Fyfe. Ian discusses how traditional business intelligence and analytics tools were designed for a world of periodically updated static sources, and often require duplication of data into data warehouses or proprietary data stores, and lack streaming query capabilities. He provides an overview of how modern streaming visualization and analytics such as Zoomdata solves all of these issues to enable fast, usable and visually appealing analysis and insights on streaming sources such as MemSQL.

You can watch both presentations in their entirety here.

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