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Real World DevOps Stories - A Continuous Discussion

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Real World DevOps Stories - A Continuous Discussion

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DevOps requires new practices and smart players. Panelists at the #C9D9 hangout shared their real world DevOps stories, and want to spark a continuous discussion.  Continuous Discussions  provide an open community forum on topics related to Agile, DevOps and Continuous Delivery.

During the inaugural episode, 11 panelists shared their experiences,  learnings, and real world DevOp stories; with a focus on software delivery.  Session segments provided a deep time into:

  • What are (were) your biggest agile obstacles?
  • What does DevOps mean for you? Describe your journey to deployment automation.
  • Where does Continuous Integration (CI) fit, and what challenges does it bring?
  • What is continuous delivery, and what does it take to get there?

As each panelist delivered a 2-minute contribution per topic, the discussion was fast paced, and I only was able to share parts of a Four Point DevOps Story or how DevOps PaaS Delivers at the Speed of Business Demand.    My favorite panelist quotes,

 ’don’t deploy on dirty servers’ <– Find the #devOps deploy sanitizer

#continuousdelivery amplifies the feedback from your customers & the biz – your product becomes a conversation w/ market

@orfjackal says ‘hard to do agile when the customer plan is to release once per year’

You can view the session replay posted online, and register for the next session focused on Application Release Automation (ARA).    Maybe we can get a Harvard Business Review (HBR) contributor to talk about how their perspective on how Application Release Automation delivers Responsive IT.


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DevOps PaaS Delivers at the Speed of Business Demand  

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