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RebelLabs Android Report

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RebelLabs Android Report

Developers on the Android platform come from a number of backgrounds. See some interesting research on developers who build mobile apps on Android from RebelLabs.

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From our research we found many Android developers without a formal software engineering or Java background. We also found another group of developers that had lots of software experience, but not necessarily on the Android platform. Those who walked the pure Android path need to be made aware of some of the exceptional tools, libraries and patterns that Java developers have built up over a couple of decades. Those who already have Java experience need to focus more on the intricacies of the Android platform. We targeted the report at these two groups. The report covers the following topics: Android Devices and platform considerations for your application Performance - how not to make your application crawl

  • Clean code patterns - dependency injection, clean architecture, parallelization models, and a reactive approach to creating applications

  • Good ways to approach and improve QA in your project

Tools and technologies that help developers the most: emulators, libraries, and much more

Continue reading the full article on RebelLabs: http://zeroturnaround.com/rebellabs/android-the-platform-the-framework-and-the-way-of-life/

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