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Recap of Eclipse Day at the Googleplex

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Eclipse Day at the Googleplex 2009 was another great success.  Approximately 150 people attended the day long event in sunny Mountain View.  The Googleplex is a great location (including the heated toilet seats) and our Google hosts put on a top notch day.

What really impressed me was the quality of the talks and speakers.

  • Jeff Norris from NASA talked about how NASA uses Eclipse in the control software for the Mars and Lunar rover explorations.  NASA is a big user of RCP, Equinox, EMF, CDO, GEF and I am sure others.  Jeff also showed some very cool NASA videos of the future rover missions.
  • Miguel Méndez from the Google Plugin for Eclipse team did an interesting presentation on their experiences and philosophy for building developer tools.  They have done some pretty cool stuff.
  • Terry Parker & Robert Konigsberg of Google and Joep Rottinghuis of eBay did two different presentations on how each company deploys Eclipse to their very large internal development teams.  Both companies have lots of experience deploying Eclipse, so it was interesting to see they overcome some of the issues.

I wasn’t able to attend the other presentation but I know the other speakers did a great job.  We will be posting all their presentations soon.

Thanks to the Google Open Source Program Office who were the sponsors and host of the event.  Their support made it all possible.  Also special thanks to Robert Konigsberg at Google who helped create the agenda and champion the event within Google.

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