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Recap: Managing, Measuring and Improving the Testing Process

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Recap: Managing, Measuring and Improving the Testing Process

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Thank you to everyone who registered and attended our joint webinar with LogiGear and Badcock on Managing, Measuring and Improving The Testing Process! The number of registrants and attendees continue to grow as this series goes on, so we are happy to see that you are enjoying the content we are curating and organizing for you!

Constant evaluation and improvement is a huge topic in software testing and really is something that teams should constantly analyze. Whether you are practicing agile or waterfall methodologies (or a hybrid of the two) you can't expect to reach maximum efficiency if you aren't evaluating your processes on a consistent basis. It's crucial to find potential gaps in testing and removing bottlenecks so you can hit deadlines with quality software.

We had more than 1800 registrants for this morning's webinar and really do appreciate all of you that took the time out of their day to listen to our presenters. We also ran several polls over the course of the webinar and were pleased yet again with the participation from our audience. These answers provide valuable information and offered our panelists a chance to compare them with their own personal experiences.

The first poll we ran gauged how often teams were often evaluating and attempting to improve their testing processes, and the results were very encouraging with 53% of teams doing it every 6 months. The second poll we ran was regarding the key factors that teams look for when evaluating their current processes, and we had a tie for the most common answer where 44% of respondents saying that they focus on "overall efficiency," and another 44% answering that they zeroed in on "producing desired outcomes/results." The third poll we ran wanted to gauge the effectiveness of everyone's CI processes, and we had another tie with 31% of people saying they have a "somewhat effective" process, with another 31% saying they don't have any CI process at all.

A huge thank you goes out to Michael Hackett from LogiGear and Brock Fleming from Badcock. Their insight on this important topic was priceless and we appreciate all of their hard work in making this webinar a huge success!

Be sure to keep checking back as we have these thought provoking webinars every month! Next month we have another great one set up for you where we will be talking about "The IoT and It's Impact on Testing!" With all of the buzz around the Internet of Things, it's definitely one you won't want to miss!

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