Red Hat Summit/DevNation: Tightening the Knot With Microsoft

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Red Hat Summit/DevNation: Tightening the Knot With Microsoft

On the first day of DevNation, Red Hat announces .NET availability on RHEL and OpenShift, and the release of EAP 7. Plus, Zone Leader Sam Atkinson presented at his first conference!

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Earlier today at Red Hat DevNation in San Francisco, the open source giant announced new products and partnerships, in part celebrating the ten years since Red Hat bought JBoss and entered the application development market.

Microsoft and Red Hat Tighten the Knot

After Microsoft open sourced the .NET Core language in 2014, they announced a strategic partnership with Red Hat in 2015, promising that .NET would be available on Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL). Now, .NET Core is available on both RHEL and OpenShift via containers. According to Red Hat, this makes RHEL the "only commercial Linux distribution to feature full, enterprise-grade support for .NET, opening up platform choice for enterprises seeking to use .NET on a flexible Linux and container-based environments."

Red Hat points out that the benefits of this integration include setting up microservices that use different components while also running on the same platform, a non-Windows Server infrastructure for running .NET apps, and access to more languages within OpenShift.  It looks like a win-win for both companies. Microsoft gets to prove that their recent push into open source software is genuine, and Red Hat gets to add more functionality to two of their flagship projects. 

EAP 7 is Released

In addition to announcing the general availability of JBoss EAP 7, Red Hat also released the JBoss Core Services Collection, a set of common and fundamental application components. These components include SSO, load balancing, proxying, and monitoring capabilities.

Red Hat's primary goal with EAP 7 was to make it easier for companies to move their Java apps to new architecture models, like microservices, and establish DevOps practices within their organizations. EAP7 also contains:

  • Java EE 7 APIs
  • JBoss Developer Studio IDE
  • Jenkins
  • Arquillan
  • Maven
  • Several JavaScript frameworks

And Now for Something Completely Different...

You may have caught wind of this before now, but DZone's own Sam Atkinson presented at DevNation earlier today with "Learning From Astronauts On How to Be Better Developers". Our editor-in-chief, John Esposito, is on the floor as well, so if you see anyone wearing our t-shirts, be sure to say hi! You'll be able to catch Sam's presentation once the videos are uploaded at this link. I'm sure he'll have something to say about it once the show's over. 

For more information about Red Hat's upcoming releases, check out their blog posts:

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