Red Hat JBoss Fuse Workshop 101: Fuse in EAP

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Red Hat JBoss Fuse Workshop 101: Fuse in EAP

Adding Fuse into the module system of JBoss EAP is easy and can simplify developing Camel and other Fuse applications on the JBoss EAP platform.

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This workshop is about JBoss Fuse application deployment on JBoss EAP, the JavaEE container. How does that work? In order to save you from building a large "fat WAR" that includes all the libraries you need, and to help you avoid the chaos of including the correct and supported version of Apache Camel, JBoss Fuse allows you to patch your JBoss EAP to make it "Fuse Ready."

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During patching, it will add the new subsystem "camel." This allows you to statically load the correct library to support Fuse, along with the configuration available for it. You will notice the configuration files in JBoss EAP will be modified to add the "camel" sImage titleubsystem in. It'll also provide you with configuration for different situations. For example, Camel configuration files will be created under both standalone and domain mode directories. In the module, you can configure the Camel components that are needed in the subsystem, either by using the name of the component or the package the component is in.

Fuse Management Console is also installed in the EAP container by default. We can use it to monitor Camel routes and statistics. Since Camel exposes this data through JMX, if you prefer to use your own tooling, you can do that as well.

In the spirit of Fuse, which tries to be flexible, easy, and agile, there are several ways of developing Camel application in EAP: Spring Context, Java EE Contexts, and Dependency Injection (CDI), or Camel Context in Java.

Once Fuse is set up, deploying the application to EAP is just like deploying a normal Java EE application.

Here are the slides for this workshop, and here is the lab.

1Have fun!

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