Red Hat Launches OpenShift v3.1, Full of Docker/Kubernetes Goodness

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Red Hat Launches OpenShift v3.1, Full of Docker/Kubernetes Goodness

Red Hat launched OpenShift 3.1 recently! The next iteration includes a slew of Kubernetes and Docker content. Director of Developer Advocacy Grant Shipley weighed-in onOpenShift 3.1: What's new, and what's in store.

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I'm just getting around to publishing my interviews from KubeCon back in November.

Today’s interview features Red Hat’s Grant Shipley, director of developer advocacy for “container application platform” OpenShift.  Grant talks about the launching of OpenShift v3.1 and what’s ahead.

Some of the Ground Grant Covers:

  • Announcing 3.1, the latest upstream version of Red Hat’s open source project OpenShift Origin
  • Enterprise comes with support for Docker/Kubernetes in production
  • Moving away from “PaaS” to “container application platform”
  • All functionality exposed via APIs; CLI and web console tools for ops; ops has full control but devs can self-service
  • How it works with Ansible (or Puppet and Chef)
  • What's next going forward: continuing to focus on dev experience whether they’re using node.js or Java

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