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Red Hat Summit/DevNation: It's Containers All the Way Down

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Red Hat Summit/DevNation: It's Containers All the Way Down

Container your excitement as Red Hat continues to push containerization with new tools to make them easier and more practical to use.

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Persistent Storage

Red Hat's new container-native storage capabilities, called Red Hat Gluster Storage, will be coming to the OpenShift Container Platform this summer, and will allow users "to deploy applications and storage in a converged manner where storage is served from containers." This will enable customers to eschew a storage cluster to save money and time when setting up their environments. Gluster Storage is designed to use Kubernetes to control both storage and application containers, which will enable greater DevOps integration in production and cloud environments. 

For more details, Red Hat released a webcast you can rewatch here

Locking Down Containers

Red Hat also announced a new "container scanning interface" that would be made available as part of RHEL Atomic Host, the container operating system for OpenShift. As containers have become more and more prominent in the community, with enterprises seriously considering their viability in production, security has become a serious concern. These new scanning abilities will allow Red Hat's security partners, such as Black Duck Software, to implement security checks into the OpenShift Container Platform.

Black Duck's tool in particular, Black Duck Hub, is already supported as a container scanner as part of their partnership with Red Hat. The scanner maps any known vulnerabilities across open source components, and sends alerts when new ones are detected. RHEL Atomic Host also includes a preview of the OpenSCAP scanner, which applies principles of the Open Security Content Automation Protocol to container content in order to quickly identify any vulnerabilities. 

For more information, check the Red Hat newsroom:

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