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Redis 2.8.10 Released

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Redis 2.8.10 Released

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Redis 2.8.10 has been released, and according to creator Salvatore Sanfilippo, you're going to want to upgrade immediately, especially if you're using the min-slaves-to-write option. 

Apparently, slaves were registering the min-slaves-to-write option as a bug, leading to unprocessed master replication streams with no obvious errors or disconnections.

The release also includes a few other fixes, which Sanfilippo lists in his announcement:

  • Faster reply to clients for LOADING / BUSY errors (a lot faster).
  • Lua scripting engine speedup.
  • Sentinel new events making it more clear for humans to understand what is happening.

As well as a number of minor changes, which you can find in the full changelog below the announcement.

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