Redis Watch: Data Structures and Streaming Pipelines

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Redis Watch: Data Structures and Streaming Pipelines

A weekly wrap-up in Redis. Interesting things this week include Redis Streams, Redis for Time Series DB, Deduping, and Trdis with Spark.

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After a long time in the making (and partly because of a detour in favor of the modules API), v3.2 is finally out! With Geo, BITFIELD, #Lua replication and debugging, and too many more improvements to copy-paste. Also, redis-cli got a revamp and has useful command hints and its own documentation page.

Redis IRC Logs

After the experience of doing the first development iteration of the modules API away from the public's, Lead Dev and his team have decided not to repeat that. As a result, we've moved our discussions to the #redis channel on Freenode, and the Redis website now logs it.

Stream: Data Structure for Redis

A suggestion by Timothy Downs at IRC triggered what is snowballing towards being the sixth core Redis data structure — your opinion matters, so jump into to the discussion now. HN.

Pattern: Weighted Random Selection of an Element

A once-you-see-it-you-it-is-so-self-explanatory-that-you-are-ashamed-you-did-not-think-of-this-yourself addition to the documentation that I'm sure you already knew of.

Redis as a Time Series DB (1 Hour, 35 Minutes)

In case you missed it, here's a talk that Josiah Carlson gave a little while back. The slides are here.

How to Remove Duplicates in a Large Dataset

Probabilistic data structures, such as Bloom Filters and HyperLogLog, are extraordinary contraptions. This is just one of the many uses that they have and for more on these see immediately below.

Scalable Streaming Data Pipelines with Redis (53 Slides)

A deck by Avram Lyonfrom Scopely on munching streams with Ariel — a system that relies on Redis' HyperLogLog for aggregation.

Counting Distinct Values With HyperLogLog (8 minutes)

In case you need an intro/refresher to HLL, Parker Selbertrecently wrote one over at @codeship.

Leveraging Probabilistic Data Structures for Real-Time Analytics with Redis Modules (39 Slides)

By pure chance, here's presentation I gave on that this very same topic (albeit heavily modules-biased, naturally) earlier this week. And, coincidentally, another improbability was witnessed.

rom Indexes and Search

Josiah Carlson explains how he indexes.


A fast and lightweight Redis Cluster Proxy for Redis 3.0 — very interesting.

A Long Poll Ago in an AJAX Call Far, Far Away (7 Minutes) #NodeJS

What edition of the Redis Watch is complete w/o at least one article from Kyle @stockholmux?

Distributed Locking with Redis and Ruby

Mike Perham, author of #Sidekiq, tests the latter's concurrent limiter.


Andrei Kashchaworked around what have been vexing many users by redirecting require to a table that his library composes. A very cool hack.


The problem: "We know we must avoid redis-cli keys.'" The solution: "bashrc script for redis-scan util to iterate Redis keys" by Evan Summers.

Simple Graph Traversals with Redis UDFs#Lua#Howto

Dunno how I missed this beauty from Sai Teja Pratap.

MDEL LUA Command for Redis Clients#NodeJS#foss

... or simply use PDEL from the rxkeys Redis module.

RedisLabs/spark-redis v0.3#Spark#foss

The newest version brings in support for Spark SQL, which IMO is pretty awesome. Special thanks go to Sun He for making everything possible.

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