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Reflections on JavaOne 2012 by the NetBeans Community (Part 3)

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Reflections on JavaOne 2012 by the NetBeans Community (Part 3)

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After part 1 and part 2  of this series, packed with NetBeans community members discussing their highlights of JavaOne 2012, here's... part 3! 

Gerrick Bivins, USA. This year was my first time attending JavaOne, so I did not have any expectations. What I immediately found was that momentum and enthusiasm in the community was much greater than I imagined! From small startups to large worldwide corporations such as ESPN, Java and Java based technology was being leveraged to develop some really slick applications.

I attended mostly JavaFX and NetBeans sessions and aside from the amazing capabilities those technologies were offering, what was really cool was the “openness” that was being promoted by Oracle. “Make the Future Java” was an excellent rally cry for a technology that seemed to be on some sort of “proverbial bubble” after Oracle took over a couple of years ago.  

Some of the things that stood out to me from the sessions I attended:

  • JavaFX. If you don’t know, now you know. Everyone was all “atwitter” about what looked like a really legit technology. The only two “moles” people in the scientific community were clamoring about (me included) where some missing charting capabilities such as multi y axes support and logarithmic scale axes. Other than that it was the hit of the conference. I can only imagine what next year’s JavaOne apps will look like.
  • NetBeans Platform. More people/organizations are leveraging this technology than I thought before JavaOne. Without attending JavaOne, I would have never guessed it is this popular. It was also cool to meetup, talk, and exchange ideas/experiences with others who are leveraging the NetBeans Platform. Really looking forward to the eFX project that allows the NetBeans Platform to use JavaFX rather than Swing to run the NetBeans Platform, though you can mix/match JavaFX and the NetBeans Platform already without eFX.

All in all it was a great experience and I’m glad I was able to attend. Can’t wait till the next one!

Toni Epple, Germany. My JavaOne this year was great. As one of the reviewers in the program comittee, I was prepared for a lot of interesting talks, and J1 really delivered. Sessions, parties, and hanging out with my peers really made this years J1 an event I'll remember. 

JavaOne kicked off with NetBeans Day and when I arrived the room was stuffed full. I peeked into other rooms and, from what I saw, NetBeans Day was the most popular track on day one, which was a good start! Project EASEL got a lot of attention, while the NetBeans Platform panel was crowded with first time JavaOne attendees who gave a fresh perspective and showed interesting projects. We showed a lot of JavaFX with NetBeans Platform in the JavaFX Panel. And in the community session, I got a nice surprise from the NetBeans team in the form of an appreciation award. 

The next days were a mixture of great sessions, chatting with people in the labyrinthic hallways of the Hilton and parties in the evening. NetBeans was everywhere, in keynotes, roadmaps, Duke's Choice awards, sessions, and it felt great to see the interest and Oracle's commitment. The desktop gained a lot of interest through the rise of JavaFX, while my own talks about  the NetBeans Platform and JavaFX were very well attended as well. 

I left with new friends and new ideas and I guess it's a good sign if you can say that about a conference. If you weren't able to attend, head over to the conference web site and have a look at the session recordings. So much great content for free:


Thanks Gerrick and Toni... and watch this space because there'll be more articles such as this one in the coming weeks, highlighting the insights that NetBeans community members gathered from their attendance at JavaOne 2012!

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