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Listing the Java PaaS Public and Private Clouds

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[UPDATE): I added Jelastic and created another category I'm calling Private Java PaaS in which I put GigaSpaces Cloudify, Cumulogic and ActiveState Stackato.]

A little while ago at OracleWorld/JavaOne, Oracle announced its public cloud offering, including its Oracle Java Cloud Service -- the latest entrant into the increasingly crowded Java Platform-as-a-Service space. Despite being the most popular programming language, PaaS offerings for Java were not adopted as quickly as those for Ruby, Python and PHP.

Not surprisingly, however, once Java PaaS arrived at the scene, many of the big players now have PaaS offerings -- given Java's popularity in the enterprise. 

Here's the list I compiled (in alphabetical order). If I have overlooked anything, please let me know in the comments:

Public Java PaaS

Private Java PaaS

It should be noted that HP has a also made some noise about a Java PaaS but it hasn't launched yet.

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