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Reimagining images with the Nokia Imaging SDK for Windows Phone 8

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Reimagining images with the Nokia Imaging SDK for Windows Phone 8

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Nokia Developer - Windows Phone — Nokia Imaging SDK

With the beta release of the Nokia Imaging SDK, you have access to a powerful library of exciting image manipulation tools, which will make creating the next generation of imaging apps for Windows Phone 8 devices quicker and easier. Designed from the ground up with performance and a low memory footprint in mind, the library's functions don't put a strain on the user's device, which makes editing high resolution images swift and engaging. In fact, the technology behind the Nokia Imaging SDK is well proven, as Nokia uses it to create its own imaging applications, such as Creative Studio.

Features and capabilities

The following features are included in the beta release of the Nokia Imaging SDK:

  • Partial JPEG decoding
    Using RAJPEG technology, access image data without decoding a whole JPEG image for blazingly fast previews, application of effects, rotation, and cropping of high resolution images.
  • Easy to use API
    The Nokia Imaging SDK delivers the WinPRT library, which is designed with your imaging apps in mind. The API is available from both managed (C# and VB) and native (C++) code, is really simple to use, and comes with a range of intuitive classes and methods.
  • Over 50 filters, effects, and enhancements
    The library comes packed with effects, filters, and enhancements for you to use; from the simple, such as auto-enhance, frame, and brightness to those with advanced capabilities such as adjusting RGB levels, hue, and saturation. In addition, you can chain effects together or create your own.
  • Crop, resize, rotate, and undo
    Cropping, rotating, and resizing is supported and what’s more you can take advantage of the built-in unlimited undo functionality.
  • Compatibility
    Nokia Imaging SDK is designed to support Windows Phone 8 apps.



  • The Nokia Imaging SDK and library are available free of charge.
  • You can use the library for any apps published in Windows Phone Store for Nokia Lumia smartphones and, if desired, other Windows Phone 8 devices. [GD: Emphasis added]
  • For more details, see the Nokia Imaging SDK License Agreement.

Nokia Imaging SDK

The Nokia Imaging SDK, currently as early Beta version, makes some of the technologies that Nokia uses in its own imaging applications available to developers. It is an efficient library for manipulating image data captured and stored by mobile devices. The features include decoding and encoding JPEG images, applying filters and effects, cropping, rotating and resizing.

The Nokia Imaging SDK provides more than 50 pre-made filters and effects that have been specifically developed for mobile imaging, with speed and memory performance as key drivers. The SDK is super-fast, thanks to meticulous memory and code optimisation. The patented JPEG technology, RAJPEG, contributes to making this possible, as it allows access to any image data without decoding the whole image. That means you can apply effects to high resolution images, without worrying about your memory budget.

The Nokia Imaging SDK is easy to use: you can add a filter to your existing project with just a few lines of C#. The library can also be called from C++ code. The filters can be chained to create the exact effect you are looking for.

If you just want to get up the speed, see the Quick Start.

The Core concepts chapter explains the main concepts and functionality of the Nokia Imaging SDK.

Explore the filters and effects below to get a feeling of each of them and to quickly jump into the corresponding place within the API reference where the given filter has been documented in detail. Or explore and try out the sample projects to quickly see the library in real action.

All code samples in this documentation are written in C# unless otherwise noted.


Yeah, I know, seems like I'm becoming something of a Nokia guy, right? Nope! A Windows Phone 8 Guy! MUAHAHAHA... (And I dig that this SDK can be used on any Windows Phone 8 device, not just Nokia ones... Man, I love that)

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