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Released: AgroSense 1.0.8

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Released: AgroSense 1.0.8

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Version 1.0.8 of AgroSense, a rich-client platform providing a highly modular farm management system on the NetBeans Platform, has been released.

Cloudfarming Becomes AgroSense

Thinking of a good name is probably one of the most challening tasks when starting a new project. Although the name "cloudfarming" to some extend reflects what we are making, it was not a very good name for creating visibility for this project. After a few brainstorm sessions, we came up with the name "AgroSense".

The new name contains two parts, "Agro" for Agriculture and "Sense" because we aim to add some common sense in the pluriform digital world of agriculture. Besides that, "sensing" information (sensors, remote sensing with satalites) is a big part of modern agriculture and also of our application:

New Home

With the name change we also decided to change homes. Our new home is http://agrosense.java.net. Java.net offers a few advantages to our previous host, among which the great issue tracking functionality of jira.

The java.net team have been giving us a warm welcome and great support. If you are interested in our project, please take a moment to register at java.net and add our project to your bookmarks.

Much information can be found at our new home and there are several mailing lists available to keep you posted: http://java.net/projects/agrosense/lists

Release Strategy

The AgroSense project team aims for bi-weekly releases. Each bi-weekly release, the third digit in the version will be incremented. The current release is also such a bi-weekly release.

On a milestone release, the second digit will be incremented. We are currently working on a new roadmap, which will be published (with milestones) soon. Detailed content of releases and/or milestone is available here: http://java.net/jira/browse/AGROSENSE#selectedTab=com.atlassian.jira.plugin.system.project%3Aroadmap-panel

How to Get the New Version

The new version is available for download here: http://java.net/projects/agrosense/downloads/download/agrosense-1.0.8.zip

Users of cloudfarming > 1.0.4 will receive a notice of the update on application start. Just start the update process to receive the new modules. Cloudfarming 1.0.4 and lower still contains an erroneous "hot" update center which will block the update with a proxy error. The "hot" updatecenter can be disabled at tools->plugins->settings.

They can of course also download the new version at the mentioned location.

What's New

A lot of work has been done in the geoviewer. Where possible we are now making use of standard components. This resulted in many bugs fixed, less code and a much more stable geoviewer.

A field is the most basic element in the definition of agricultural land. Fields are one of the prime assets of an agricultural business. It already was possible to import fields from an "esri" shape file.

In this release functionalty is added to define a production unit and link fields to it. A farmer can, for example, define a production unit for a specific type of potato and define in which fields he wants to grow the type. To link a field to a production unit, a more volatile version of a field is created, the "partfield". A partfield only exists within the boundaries of a growing season and a field. In a future release we will add the functionality to alter the shape of a partfield so that multiple partfields can exists on a field.


Every application based on the NetBeans Platform needs library wrappers. To let other projects benefit from the library wrappers we need for AgroSense, the developement team has started a side project to publish those library wrappers.

More information about available wrappers and wrapped libraries can be found here: http://nb-library-wrappers.java.net


We have set up a forum for support: http://java.net/projects/agrosense/forums/support

Feel free to ask for any questions or help requests about AgroSense.

Questions can also be posted at a mailinglist: http://java.net/projects/agrosense/lists

A list with know issues can be found here: http://java.net/jira/secure/IssueNavigator.jspa?mode=hide&requestId=10735

The online version of the release notes can be found here: http://java.net/jira/secure/ReleaseNote.jspa?projectId=12099&version=15016

Release Notes - AgroSense - Version 1.0.8


  • [AGROSENSE-155] - Nullpointer when partfield in exporer is selected and is not part of active layer
  • [AGROSENSE-156] - "Markeer alles als teelt" moet "Markeer alles als perceel" zijn.
  • [AGROSENSE-166] - Attaching field to production unit from field-explorer fails
  • [AGROSENSE-177] - Dragging map shows error
  • [AGROSENSE-181] - Map dragging out of bounds shows nullpointer
  • [AGROSENSE-182] - Illegal state exception when linking field to production unit

New Feature

  • [AGROSENSE-18] - Link partfields to a production unit
  • [AGROSENSE-19] - Move Wiki to agrosense.java.net
  • [AGROSENSE-159] - Production unit properties should be edittable
  • [AGROSENSE-161] - Implement dropdown with crops (in plan production unit)
  • [AGROSENSE-165] - Refactor layerlist drag & drop
  • [AGROSENSE-173] - Automatically set partfield name (<fieldname> a, <fieldname> b etc)
  • [AGROSENSE-174] - Show croptype of productionunit in data explorer (and also the name)
  • [AGROSENSE-175] - Add crop to productionunitnode name (if crop is set)



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