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Release Regularly, Release Often

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Release Regularly, Release Often

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When writing plugins, as a SOHO developer, the trickiest part is testing your software. Users are like aliens from another world. When they get their hands on your plugin, I can guarantee that they will use it in ways that you have never thought.

Consequently, your code is never really tested until it gets into the field. Until it’s been battle hardened you will not really know where the problems lie.

In the classic article the Cathedral and the Bazaar Eric S. Raymond talks about many eyes looking at your code.

Along the same lines, having users use your plugin is the same as having many people test it. They will find the bugs, and the edge cases you have missed.

So releasing you software often is a no brain-er. In some ways you are forced to release often because you will want to get those bugs fixed and keep you customers nice and happy.

So why release regularly? I would argue that releasing regularly makes you code in a certain style. When you know you have a release deadline coming up, it helps to focus the mind on which issues really need fixing. It also means that you code to a minimum, and, I find, helps keeps my code lean and mean. Fix a few bugs, refactor a few functions and then move on.

So do you release often and release regularly? Let me know with a comment.

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