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Roma 1.0.0: The First Meta Framework

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Roma 1.0.0: The First Meta Framework

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Do you really need a meta framework?

Every day a new tool or framework appears on the market. Using a technology means to have a marriage with it, very often forever. What happens if you want to change the engine that persist your objects? Or again your web framework?

Divorces, you know, are costly and migration cost is huge.

You need a META framework.

Roma is the only “meta” framework. Using Roma you're definitely free from the technology you're using. How it works? Roma provides very generic behaviour interfaces called “Aspects”. Aspects enclose the most common use cases. Using the tool and framework through the Aspect allow to leave your code clean from the technology.

But if I need to dirt my hands using the technology directly, can I do it with Roma? Sure. You can always reach the implementation under the hood. Just remember you had to migrate that pieces of code in case tomorrow you'll change the technology. In the documentation you can find some best practice to make migration the easiest possible.

Abstracting the technologies let you to have the development team aware of their. This can be translated as minor skill requested, therefore less cost.

Roma allows you to develop enterprise level Java applications with low effort following a real Domain Driven Design approach. It's a new way to conceive the application: anything is a POJO, from the GUI forms to the persistent objects.


@ViewClass( layout = "popup" )
public class EmployeeForm {

@ViewField( render="textarea", style="width: 100%;" )
private String comments;

@ViewField( layout = "expand" )
private Employee entity;

public void save(){
Roma.context().persistence().updateObject( entity );


Using the Meta-Framework approach you can integrate the latest breaking technology in your application without modifying your domain and application logic because they are really decoupled.

Roma provides you automatic support for every layer and aspect for your application, from dynamic web user interface and persistence, to report functionalities, portlet development and semantic technologies.

Roma is Open Source and licensed under the commercial friendly Apache 2.0.

See all the tools and frameworks supported today: http://www.romaframework.org/advanced_technology.htm

To know more: http://www.romaframework.org.


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