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Releasing JavaParser 2.1

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The other day the guys involved in JavaParser left me the honor of releasing our new version: 2.1

The community on GitHub took over the project previously hosted on Google Code and abandoned at some point.Nicholas Smith, among the other things rewrote all the tests to use JBehave and wrote detailed instructions to perform the release on Maven Central using Sonatype. To release the new version I just had to follow his instructions and get the permissions from Sonatype.

So now you can add it to you projects using:


What is new

We have 30 closed issues or pull requests

Including but not limited to:

  • a lot of bug fixing
  • improved test coverage
  • correctly support different encodings
  • improvement to the documentation
  • fix some issues with lambdas
  • removing some major performance issues
  • introduced the NamedNode interface

And now the community is already working on the next release, which will probably be JavaParser 3.0. Exciting times are coming.

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