Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM) Trends Across the IT Industry

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Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM) Trends Across the IT Industry

As the IT industry continues to grow and changes, companies are continuously looking for ways to manage their infrastructures without the hassle.

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Information technology has become an inseparable part of business operations, especially in a fast-growing technological world. The challenge of ever-changing market trends, customers’ desires to stay abreast of competition and the introduction of newer and improvised technologies every few months, has caused organizations to buckle themselves with efficient IT infrastructure management. This called for the entry of Remote Infrastructure Management Services (RIMS) which is a cost-effective solution that remotely manages the entire IT infrastructure of an organization.

RIM covers workstations, servers, network devices, storage devices, IT security devices, etc. of an organization. It helps with carrying out support, administration, maintenance, troubleshooting, performance optimization, etc. for a given organization.

And with the dawn of virtualization of data centers and the simple functioning of the cloud, RIM becomes easier to implement.

The following are the trends being observed with the fame of RIM spreading across the IT industry:

Moving to the cloud

Many organizations have begun shifting their business to the cloud owing to its features like scalability, lower cost of operation, security compliance and more, with minimal management. A company can enjoy all these features while still being able to control their data and infrastructure. And emerging technologies like consolidation and virtualization will fuel the requirement for cloud services and cloud-based infrastructure.

Growing Threat to Security

IT Virtualization with its features of flexibility and cost savings has been happily received by a number of organizations for quite some time, now. However, with any technology comes to its security concerns and so is the case with virtualization. This can prove to be a major setback for companies who are looking to adopt the technology. Because of this, many security software companies are focusing their efforts on security.

Complying with Security

Day-in and out, a number of security issues crop up and organizations are forced to shift their focus to addressing top security and compliance concerns. Businesses will have to look at concrete ways of addressing security and comply with security regulations to counter any threats.

Involvement of GPS and RFID Technology

In the pursuit of meeting the demands of a competitive market, companies are not able to assess the security concerns over the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) culture. While the culture allows for ease of usage, convenience, and freedom and speaks about the collaborative nature of the cloud, it mounts huge pressure on IT and finance departments of an organization. As a security measure, geo-fencing proves as an effective solution by allowing the management to review the usage of devices with robust security policies in place.

The Future Foretold

CIOs are wanting to look at comprehensive data analysis to understand what decisions they can make for the future. Open source software platforms and data analysis are shared through networks to create appropriate virtualization and automation of workflows for heightened traffic and reducing security issues.

Managing the Demand in Infrastructure

With the growth in the industry, there is bound to be a growth in its needs as well. This results in an increase in storage facilities which in turn will result in the increase in the demand for storage related services. To tackle this fast-recurring process of increasing investments in storage and increasing number of devices, organizations will look forward to solutions for simplifying their large infrastructure. RIMS solution providers in collaboration with IT departments are working towards enhancing efficient integration and manage storage platforms. This will take off the burden from the shoulders of the IT personnel.

Application of Discorded Data

Sources like video, audio and social media from platforms like BYOD can threaten the information of an organization. As a result, organizations look for ways to deal with this security concern. And moreover, organizations these days are gathering and relying on bulk data and the need for more servers, databases, tools and data scientists will increase.

RIMS will assist in organizing this data in one place and help channel it to achieve strategic goals, solve challenges and prioritize business requirements, in a shorter time.

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