Removing Barriers Between Dev and Ops: Connecting Teams With CI/CD [Video]

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Removing Barriers Between Dev and Ops: Connecting Teams With CI/CD [Video]

Check out the webcast and some key takeaways on bringing your dev and ops teams closer with continuous integration and delivery.

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CI/CD is the link that connects developers and operations, enabling teams to quickly build better software.

What's in the Webcast

Teams can turn their DevOps challenges into successes when adopting a DevOps model, but how do they continually improve while iterating and building new software? GitLab Implementation Engineer Laci Videmsky shares how CI/CD builds a bridge between development and operations teams, and explains how continuous integration, delivery, and deployment help teams to reduce risk and increase experimentation. We learn about the greatest barriers teams face when using CI/CD and examine how GitLab offers solutions to help teams focus on building better software.

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Key Takeaways

Small Batches

Smaller batches of change reduce the risk of releases gone wrong. By working with smaller batches, you’ll be able to roll the system back.

Review Apps

Review apps provide a way to see all changes introduced by a merge request, including performance to interface changes. Because teams are able to review anything in a live environment, review apps have a significant impact on development flow.

CI/CD Saves Time

By implementing CI/CD, teams are no longer forced to deploy on evenings and weekends, a common occurrence when developers wait for testing to be completed.

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