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Report on Latin America's Mobile, Media, and eMbedded Developer Days

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Report on Latin America's Mobile, Media, and eMbedded Developer Days

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Three years ago Roger Brinkley (Mobile & Embedded Community Leader) and Terrence Barr (Senior Technologist and Community Ambassador) realized that there wasn't really a conference focused on mobile and embedded Java topics. Though there were several Java conferences, they never provided a space where details relating to mobile and embedded devices could be discussed. So Roger and Terrence asked a few people: "What if we were to put together a conference specifically geared towards mobile and embedded Java topics?"

There was a lot of support for the idea and that's how M3DD (Mobile, Media, and eMbedded Developer Days) came about in 2008 in the US. It was very successful. Several participants were from the Brazilian community, attending either in person or via the Web, where the conference was broadcast in realtime. Since the Brazilians were very enthusiastic about M3DD, they decided to organize a similar event in Brazil. Once they had promoted the event in several other South American countries, such as Colombia, Peru, Argentina, and Mexico... the Latin American M3DD was born.

The Brazilian enthusiasts took the basic concept and morphed it into a Latin American conference, doing all the organizing themselves. It was a free event and took place in Goiania, Brazil, on June 20, with 550 participants. Roger and Terrence simply needed to show up and do some presentations, since all the organizing had been taken out of their hands by the enthusiastic Brazilians. In particular, it was Raphael Adrien, who is JUG leader of GOJava, who organized the event, supported by several others, such as Flavia Suares, Andressa Martins, Filipe Portes, and Leonardo Miranda.

The agenda consisted of one day of mobile and embedded Java topics, from 08:00 to 18.00, covering 4 tracks, with a lot of content. In particular, there were several interesting Brazilian speakers. In the end, there was standing room only, due to the popularity of the event. Topics covered a broad range of areas within this space, from mobile, to TV, to BlueRay, to Java card.

"Some of the Brazilian Celebrities in the mobile space," reports participant Mauricio Leal, who works for Sun Microsystems as SDN Program Manager for Latin America, "were Igor Medeiros (the Brazilian JavaCard man and a awesome photographer), Antonio Marin Neto (a.k.a. Neto, author of CosMo, the mobile application with all information about an event), Robison Chris Brito (author of several Java ME videos with his popular and exciting talks about gaming), Eloi Junior (mobile developer from far north of Brazil and doing amazing things with LWUIT), Alexandre Gomes (Java.net blogger and Mobile&Embedded star, his talks are always well attended and very funny) and Magno Calvalcante is Rio de Janeiro's JUG Leader and presented his JavaOne's talk about the Brazilian Digital TV System."

"In summary," says Terrence, "it was amazing to see how the community picked up an idea, added their own flavor to it, and inserted their own community into the mix. It was a great event, lots of fun. And everyone involved would like to do it again next year!"

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