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Report: The State of HTML5 Video

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Report: The State of HTML5 Video

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LongTail Video, HTML5-expert developers of the popular JW Player, recently released a report on the state of HTML5 video. Intended audience: web developers hoping to use HTML5 video, but unsure of browser implementation details.

The report looks at HTML5 video from all dev-centric angles, and covers six general areas (tl;dr in parentheses):

  1. General HTML5 support (mostly good)
  2. Media formats (Chrome, Firefox, and Opera support WebM; IE, Safari, iPad/iPhone, and Android don't)
  3. Tag attributes (biggest concern: iOS and Android devices don't support preloading or autoplay, chiefly for data and battery reasons)
  4. Fullscreen playback (Firefox, Safari, and iPad support the HTML5 control, but nobody supports the API fully; at least not in actual releases)
  5. Adaptive streaming (only Safari/iOS at the moment)
  6. Accessibility (limited keyboard access in IE, Firefox, and Opera; nothing really supports HTML5 <track>)

LongTail's more complete writeups are drilling down into, so check out the guide now -- and check back for updates, since LongTail promises to keep a careful finger on the pulse of HTML5 video.

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