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Resin: We Were Fast Before NginX

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Netcraft's February 2012 Web Server Survey was released recently, and Caucho's Resin Application Server continued to see strong growth, gaining over 4.2M hostnames in the past twelve months and acquiring a market share of 0.77%.

The Netcraft Web Server Survey has run since August 1995, exploring the Internet to find new websites. Every month, an HTTP request is sent to each site, determining the Web server software used to support the site, and, through careful inspection of the TCP/IP characteristics of the response, the operating system.

-- Netcraft

Resin is employed on several of the Million Busiest Sites, but it's much more than just a Java Application Server: it's also a full blown web server.  When asked about the success of Resin in the Netcraft survey, Scott Ferguson, the Chieft Architect of Resin, had this to say:

Resin growth is due to its 14 year track record for performance, and reliability. The additional health monitoring and third-generation clustering in Resin 4 is what an app server should do in a cloud environment.

--Scott Ferguson, Chief Architect of Resin

Read the official Caucho Press Release here.

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