REST in Hypermedia With Java (Part 1) [Video]

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REST in Hypermedia With Java (Part 1) [Video]

See how you can put together RESTful web services using Java. In the first part of this series, learn a bit about REST and the various levels HTTP APIs

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I have recorded a three-episode video course about RESTful web services (as in Hypermedia/HATEOAS) together with Java.

The motivation was that, especially in the Java enterprise field, there is quite a bit confusion about the term REST, and APIs are sometimes too tedious to use. Workshops are meant to be “hands-on” with the real-world usage, not just academic theories.

The first episode will cover different levels of HTTP APIs, what the motivations for REST and Hypermedia are and when to use which approach in real-life projects.

The second and third episodes cover the actual implementation with Java and Java EE, on both the server and the client side with different maturity levels.

I hope you will enjoy this video course, thanks for watching!

The first episode is already online, the remaining ones will follow during the week.


Episode 1: REST as in Hypermedia and Why Should We Care

Episode 2: Server-side Implementation, Java EE and JAX-RS

Episode 3: Client-side Implementation With Java

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