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Review Management Done Right

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So you’ve tried one or more of those “RATE ME PLZ” popup annoyances and found it doesn’t work all that well? Yep, us too. You put a “SUPPORT” link somewhere to try and head off the blatantly misunderstanding 1-star reviews and found it doesn’t work all that well? Yep, us too.

But this fellow, he’s got it sorted. Check out this series on review management (and other stuff) done right:

Taking control of your reviews

I always thought of the human mind as a rat in a labyrinth. Yes, I know, I need help and now you’re stuck in this article, with me. Anyway, my idea is that if you layout a trajectory for the users they are likely to follow it.

Each of my apps has a ‘+’ button in some corner. This leads to a screen that has several tabs:

  • Feedback
  • More apps
  • Credits

In this article, we’re only discussing the feedback part though which happens to be in the first tab, since I consider it the most important. As you can see on the screenshot below this feedback just asks one single question: Do you like this app?

Going from 5 to 100+ reviews per day (well, precisely 185)

Before I included my new magical about box (described in detail in my previous post ) I got about 5 reviews per day on this app. Have a look at this screenshot to get an idea of how it looked for the few days before the update.

How many reviews did I get today? 10? 15? Maybe 20 reviews? No the answer is 102. Yes, with this update my app got 102 reviews (one hundred and two) just today .

How I slowly increased my (ridiculously low) sales by a factor of 14

In my previous post I bragged at how I went from 5 to 185 reviews thanks to my shiny new magical about box.

In addition to efficiently redirecting users to either reviews or support e-mails this about box also explained better why one should get the pro version with a list of arguments.

Here’s what users saw in the free version when hitting the ‘+’ button. As you can see there are simple and short arguments, again translated in close to 20 languages (more than the rest of the app itself since it is global code all my apps share). Previously there were no arguments, just the button and it wasn’t as cute…

How ranking in Japan went from #170+ to #19 thanks to localization – Update: #1 actually

While having a correct title was surely what triggered a new spike I am now convinced that the continued success is due to the amazing number of reviews (obtained thanks to the technique explained here. At this point this new release has received over 754 reviews worldwide in a few days. A number so high that several negative reviews in Japan mention the unusual number of high reviews and believe this is hacking.

Of course, it’s not. It’s pure good old psychology at its best. I may take some time to write a post that describes more thoroughly what make this about screen so efficient in pushing users towards a review (and a good one!).

On the importance of understanding reviews and the Great Firewall of China

Since I published updates with the new ‘about box’ most of my apps have seen a great increase not only in the number of reviews but also the average number of stars raised to 4.5. That was good news…

Good bit to chew over there, but it sure looks like he’s on to something with this feedback page, doesn’t it now?

Source: http://www.alexcurylo.com/blog/2012/03/06/review-management/


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