Reviewing My Year in DZone Articles

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Reviewing My Year in DZone Articles

Zone Leader Jo Stichbury reviews some of her favorite articles of 2018 on DZone.

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As we reach the end of the year, I have been looking back at the 34 articles I published on DZone this year. I’m lucky: I love my job and it's been a pleasure to write them. I hope you have enjoyed reading them!

Since my day job involves data analysis, I spent some time checking on the statistics for views of my pieces to get a good idea of the topics and types of article the readers of DZone are most interested in. I have spotted a few trends. I’ve noted them below, included the links to my articles, but to avoid being purely self-promotional, I've also been looking around DZone for some articles by other authors that are similar and may be useful in 2019. Happy reading!

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You Like Lists!

As online publishers everywhere know, list articles are a popular format, so I wasn’t completely surprised to see that my most popular piece this year was a list of 10 Classic Software Development Books for Programmers. It was one of my favourites to write — it gave me the opportunity to reminisce and dig around in my bookshelves to look again at some of the classics that I’ve not read recently. In the article, I also recommended Safari Books Online from O’Reilly (which doesn’t pay me to promote it by the way, I just love their ‘all you can eat’ library). If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to read more, you can sign up for a free 10-day trial that will super-charge your learning.

If you’re looking for another reading list on DZone, check out MVB Javin Paul’s list of his top recommendations for Java books. Javin is a master of listing resources for programmers, and I’d counsel you to look through some of his other articles here on DZone for useful lists.

I wrote about another popular programming language, Python, back in July in a list called 5 Facts About Python, which gave me the opportunity to link through to a video of the inimitable Monty Python comedy show.

The article was well-received, but for some of the best quality and detailed content on Python on DZone, I’d encourage you to check out MVB Mike Driscoll, who consistently publishes useful articles and videos about all things Python.

“Education, Education, Education”

This was the mantra of a former British Prime Minister, and DZone readers have taken it to heart. My recent article on the Interactive training platform provided by Educative was well received. I hope it encourages some of you to take advantage of their innovative way of helping you to learn, but if you’re not able to find a course for your interests, Sudheer M. has published a great post on DZone about other learning platforms you can use for free to build your programming skills.

An item I published on free resources for learning AI also received high levels of interest. If you're looking for more, MVB Richard Gall recently published an excellent article that lists 5 Free eBooks to Help You Learn Machine Learning in 2019. And if you want a fantastic introduction to AI to decide if it’s a subject you want to study in depth, take a look at MVB Carol McDonald’s Demystifying AI, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning article.

DZone’s Refcardz are a great resource to springboard your knowledge on any technical subject. To date, there are 276 Refcardz, but if your subject isn’t covered, why not get in touch? Maybe you could write it!

You Aren’t Afraid of the Hard Subjects

My article about the Diffbot Knowledge Graph was well received in November, which surprised me pleasantly, as I thought it a bit niche and relatively tricky when compared to some of the other pieces I’ve written. If knowledge graphs are your thing, check out this DZone article by James Fletcher of GRAKN.AI on Knowledge Graph Convolutional Networks. On the other hand, if your interest tends more towards semantic natural language processing, check out MVB Aaron Radzinski’s articles here on DZone. None of this stuff is easy, but the authors have made the effort to keep their explanations accessible, and I’d recommend them as great examples of how DZone contributors get to the heart of difficult subjects and share their knowledge openly!

What Was Your Favorite Article of the Year?

My favorite article to write this year was about a research project that uses AI to interpret the sound of bees in their hive and determine if they are ill or healthy. One of my favourite articles to read was Brian McConnell’s Building Better Teams, which describes the Belbin model of different team member types. I also really enjoyed Zone Leader Cate Lawrence’s article about the use of IoT to reduce food waste. One of the brilliant things about DZone is the great range of articles available here, and the versatility of the authors in tackling all kinds of subjects in huge levels of detail.  

What was your favourite DZone article of 2018? What would you like to see more of in 2019? Please let me know in the comments!

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