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Reviewing PrimeFaces Starter

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Reviewing PrimeFaces Starter

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I have been contacted to review Primefaces starter book, and here are my impressions as a Primefaces user and with a 'minuteproject' perspective.

This book is a starter targeting developers with JSF knowledge, and it is very rewarding. 
It covers Primefaces (PF) core features as well cool ones that make your application look great! such as Calendar, Google map, interactive chat, reporting diagram.
It is based on concrete data model with a github source code ready to clone and package seamlessly. All the installation procedure and tooling is described making your environment setup easy. This starter spurs up you curiosity to dive in to the code while the chapter provides you the substantial insights of PF JSF components. The result is a comprehensive advanced application based on non-trivial model spanning from CRUD, JEE (JPA/CDI) to advanced PF component.
Another aspect that I liked was the density of information: it sticks to the essential, no fuss, no dozens-of-API-page syndrome.

From a minuteproject perspective, and seeing Primefaces as a major actor in the presentation framework, I am always interested to grab extra bits of info on the subject.
I was particularly interested in the cool features (Calendar, Maps) since I think that with SDD (Statement Driven Development ) some of those could be generated. SDD can be already used in PF to produce graphs

So it was quite an enjoyable review.

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