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Revisiting Bloch's Static Builder with IntelliJ's New Postfix Completion

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Revisiting Bloch's Static Builder with IntelliJ's New Postfix Completion

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Started putting some blog posts on Medium (that no one reads). They have a great editing system there.

Pretty thrilled with the new postfix completion in IntelliJ 13.1 EAP. Redid my Builder Live Templates to use it and the results are pretty awesome.

See the video of it here 

Wow, Textism is so broken, I forgot how much fun it was trying to suss out the right mixture of voodoo to get the page to layout! Seriously, give me a damned telegraph tapper. (I guess this is an example of the anonymous broken crap Jony Ive was talking about.. )

In the medium piece, I talked about the absurdity of programmers making their ease in construction their primary concern when dispatching their duties, especially when so few of them can type. Then I saw a talk off youtube this morning (beamed to my Chromecast from my Nexus 5) where by the end, I was having fantasies of the presenter having his fingers closed in a drawer like the scene in Kiss Me Deadly. Every bloody single thing that he typed he had to retype. It was utter torture, like watching Uncle Fester try to perform ballet. By the end of that presentation, I wanted to go find a comments section and put:

‘I have two words for the presenter: Mavis Beacon.‘

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