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Revisiting Sando - Full Text Index and Source your Source


Visual Studio Gallery - Sando Code Search Tool

Search your C, C++, C#, and XAML code instantly. Form a better query with identifier-based and phrase-based auto-complete. Explore project terms with the word cloud.

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  • Searches source code (C#, C++, C, and xaml) using information retrieval technology
  • Pre-indexes source code to provide near-instant searches
  • Indexes source code once, refreshing only changed files, to avoid unnecessary CPU burden
  • Supports literal searches (e.g., "File f = new File();"), symbol searches (e.g., "_fileDialogTab"), and google-style searches (e.g., "open file")
  • Provides extensive preview of search results with highlighted search terms
  • Highlights search terms in code editor
  • Auto-completion suggests likely query additions (e.g., "open" -> "open file")
  • Auto-corrects spelling (e.g., "solutoin" -> "solution")
  • Auto-recommendation suggests similar words if search term doesn't exist in the source code base (e.g., "fire event" -> "raise event")
  • Provides word cloud of existing terms in source code to help users form a query

Supported Languages: C#, C++, C, xaml

[demo] [source]

Sando: A Fast Local Code Search Engine with Open APIs

Sando: A Fast Local Code Search Engine with Open APIs 
Code search sucks. There's no auto-correct or suggestions and results are returned as an unranked, plain-text list. This VS Extension aims to make code search a modern tool by leveraging Lucene to index and search all languages and artifacts, returning results in a rich UI.


(via CodeProject - Research-Inspired Extensions Hit Visual Studio App Store)

Blogged about this last year, Code Searching with Sando, because "Code search sucks and Find & Replace is from the 80s...", but of course I forgot all about it right after (those darn curator's!). Seeing it today and seeing that the project is alive and well with very recent check-ins (yesterday), I thought it a good time to remind myself (and you) about this project...

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Code Searching with Sando, because "Code search sucks and Find & Replace is from the 80s..."


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