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Riak 0.13: A Banner Release

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Basho announced the release of Riak 0.13 this week; the next version of their open source NoSQL database.  The Basho team believes this is the best release yet for their software, which is currently used by projects like Mozilla's Test Pilot.  "We are more confident than ever that it's the best database out there for your production needs (assuming it suits your use case, of course)," they said.  The new version introduces Riak Search and features improvements for Bitcask and MapReduce.

Basho is possibly one of the most approachable groups of developers I've heard about.  The new San Francisco-based team of four developers gives a new meaning to hospitality.  In their recent blog post Basho devs said, "If you are in the area and want to talk Riak, Basho, open source, coffee, etc., stop in and pay us a visit any time. Seriously. If you walk through the door of Suite 1028 with a Mac Book in hand and have a question about how to model your data in Riak, we'll get out the whiteboard and help you out."

A brand new feature in Riak 0.13 is Riak Search, which provides scalable, distributed, failure tolerant, full-text search.  It's tightly integrated with Riak's key-value layer and at a high-level, Riak Search seamlessly indexes objects stored in search-integrated buckets.  The PHP, Python, Ruby, and Erlang APIs currently support integration with Riak Search.  Learn more about this feature on the Riak Wiki.

Riak's MapReduce functionality has been enhanced by handling overload scenarios differently.  As a result, Riak handles JavaScript VM loads much better.  The caching layer for JavaScript MapReduce has been completely re-implemented in version 0.13 to improve performance when repeating identical MapReduce jobs. 

An Introduction to JavaScript Map/Reduce in Riak from Basho Technologies on Vimeo.

The default storage backend for Riak, Bitcask, has been enhanced as well and uses 40% less memory per key entry.  This allows less required RAM to be available for Riak.  Bitcask startup is also a lot faster.

0.13 also strengthens the key-value layer (raik_kv) and the core (riak_core).  Specifically the changes allow riak_core to be used in third-party applications.  Riak's Command Line tools support two new commands and the performance has been increased when dealing with large datasets or failure scenarios.

Download Riak here

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