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Riak in a .NET World

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Riak in a .NET World

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Navigating today's database scaling options can be a nightmare. Explore the compromises involved in both traditional and new architectures.

Riak in a .NET World from Adron on Vimeo.

Jeremiah Peschka gives a presentation on Riak in the .NET World, or more to the point - where to go when the RDBMS is not what you need and distributed your data is ideal. He covers this and then moves on to the CorrugatedIron, .NET Riak Client and where and how to interact with a Riak Cluster. Toward the end Jeremiah also covers a lot of questions and the recording also continues while Joe Blomstedt, Troy Howard, Clive and others converse about various questions and topics around Riak and .NET usage.

Also for more on Jeremiah's work check out brentozar.com/articles/riak/ and contact him at brentozar.com/contact/

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Understand your options for deploying a database across multiple data centers - without the headache.


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