Rise of Public Cloud in the Present Digital Arena

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Rise of Public Cloud in the Present Digital Arena

The public cloud is increasingly available in the digital arena. Here's an overview of dev and testing environments, mobile and web apps, and more.

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Recent studies on cloud adoptions have revealed that more government agencies and regulated industries are opting for cloud computing applications today.

Bitglass a cloud security firm from its new study on cloud adoptions states that more than 300% of growth is recorded in the cloud within the government sector.

Public cloud computing has evolved as a mainstream enterprise practice in the recent years, global companies are keenly focusing on cloud practices to accelerate and optimize their business-critical processes and gain dynamic scalability.

Enterprises are moving their workloads into cloud and investing heavily in IT to strategize the use of public cloud solutions.

Industry experts state that cloud is already well on its way and 16% of IT budgets of many enterprises are already allocated to public cloud expenses which are expected to grow up to 33% in next couple of years.

IDG Research conducted a survey to ask IT managers and executives about factors that are driving them towards cloud adoption and the outcome is that there are four critical areas where a cloud is adding real value.

Development and Testing Environments

Public cloud quickly creates high-performance development and test environments for users, cloud enables virtualized environment that brings enhanced performance and capacity at reduced operational expenses.

Disaster Recovery for Desktops, Databases, and Infrastructure

Public cloud enables enterprises to keep their critical business data and assets in secured centralized location that can be effectively managed by the enterprise IT teams.

Developing Mobile and Web Apps

Developing mobile and web applications is a tricky job when worked in a traditional environment as mobile application development needs speed and flexibility. Cloud environment brings flexibility, reliability, scalability at low costs for enterprises that develop mobile and web applications.

Virtual Desktops and Applications

Today cloud services have become highly secured and performance oriented environments to rely on for global enterprises. Public cloud enables enterprises to deliver desktops and applications virtually without compromising on security and compliance aspects.

Public cloud is becoming more prominent in the recent years as cloud providers are promoting hybrid cloud model that incorporates both private and public clouds bringing enhanced security into limelight. Enterprises are empowered to use a private cloud for their critical workloads and public cloud for non-critical or less sensitive workloads using hybrid cloud mechanism.

Enterprises can leverage public cloud for developing platform services, training servers, big data projects, and websites. Today majority of cloud service providers propose pay-as-you-go business model that significantly lower the overall expenses. It brings huge business benefits for industries with loads of data and has fewer privacy concerns.

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