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Risk Management: Foundation db bought by Apple and its Github repo pulled

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Risk Management: Foundation db bought by Apple and its Github repo pulled

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 In March Foundation DB announced that it was bought by Apple and shut down its downloads and pulled its Github repositories shocking many of its users, what are the key learning out of this.

Foundation DB offered a very good NoSQL combination, the only one which was full-ACID complaint with no eventual consistency nonsense and adding cream on top, strapped a sql layer on it. You get the best of both worlds. A database that could do both traditional IT models and well support the modern unstructured data needs. Foundation DB also gave the the database free and enterprise can opt for commercial support if needed. I never did an in-depth study on it but AFIK it cleverly packaged its components with some being closed source and some open source and marketed as it if like an open source. Its my guess that Apple might have been interested to replace its core database on iOS with Foundation DB as the core database is a NoSQL db with  support for SQL and hence many iOS apps often use SQLite.

Companies invest millions trusting many of the the Github and Maven repository projects thinking they will be there for ever. But things could change in similar fashion, creating massive set backs to projects.

Here are simple things to check

  •   Evaluate if the library is truly open source, many companies are adopting a strategy to open source some parts but keep the core components as closed source.
  •   As part of risk management process either fork or download the sources as your backup.

In case of these take overs like these at least you will have some back up of your dependent libraries.

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