Roadmap Software Tools: The Best Way to Streamline Project Management

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Roadmap Software Tools: The Best Way to Streamline Project Management

Oh, the places your project will go (with proper planning).

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Roadmap software is widely used for planning upcoming work, tracking a project's progress, coordinating activities, and collaborating across teams. There are many tools that provide different sets of features. When choosing an appropriate tool for your team, carefully review its roadmap functionality, additional features, and integrations to avoid double work if you are already using any project management tools. Here’s a list of roadmap apps that simplify collaboration, streamline management process, and help deliver projects on time.


Roadmunk is a roadmap software that helps visualize work process. Various types of views, Jira integration, and export in popular formats make the product user-friendly and easy to implement in an existing environment. Create roadmaps, export them for further use in presentations, print them out, and share them with colleagues. Advanced security features meet the needs of global enterprise customers and comply with leading standards.

Roadmap Planner

A roadmap planning and collaboration tool that suits companies and organizations from various business domains. Depending on the plan (basic or pro), the tool offers various planning, management, visualization, integration, and data exchange features. As for pricing, the plan with basic features for one user is free; other options include more users and different features, and imply subscription payment.

Hello Focus

This app is designed for focusing and getting more done, and it can be used as a simple to-do list or as a project management tool. As it includes beautiful roadmaps, you can track your team’s activities when working on a project. It helps skip daily stand-ups and meetings, avoid coordination via emails (and reduce their number), and schedule your work. Backed up with science, the app helps prevent multitasking, stay focused, and monitor progress on roadmap charts.


ProdPad offers rich project management functionality: roadmaps, Kanban, idea management, collaboration, reviewing. The tool supports integration with other software used for project management purposes, such as Jira, Trello, Slack, etc. Depending on the selected plan, ProdPad provides a different set of features and number of users with administrative rights.


The tool offers a simple and efficient procedure for workflow organization. Create tasks, organize them in a tree hierarchy, and assign them to your employees. Review system tasks in a list, box or board view for a perfect representation of workflow and workloads. Assigned comments is a helpful feature: if a comment requires any action, it can be assigned to the person responsible for that. The tool also offers statuses – default or custom ones that comply with your work procedure. Integrations with 500+ tools are available for companies that use many tools in their workflow.


Roadmap is a resource planning and forecasting tool. It is designed for finding and allocating available resources, visualizing work process and business goals, creating multi-project Gantt charts, generating pivot tables, and sharing the data with colleagues and customers. Third-party integrations with Jira, Basecamp, and GitHub allows managers to keep the data in one place without having to manually update it everywhere.


A tool for visual process management that helps organize tasks and ideas within the team. Casual is intended to help people who hate long task lists and Kanban boards manage projects and workflows. Easy and intuitive, Casual allows to create block diagrams with steps and dependencies – but without making it complex and frustrating. It provides a quick overview of the entire project, both for managers and regular employees.

Product Plan

Product Plan is another tool for managers that prefer to create a visual overview of their projects. It allows to build roadmaps quickly and easily, create and move estimates, communicate plans for future work to the team, and build up a consistent and standardized work process across teams. Integration with major project management tools like Jira or Pivotal Tracker helps avoid double work when filling in necessary data or tracking project progress.


Craft is a tool for product management and collaboration that helps define and develop products in an easy and efficient way. Set up goals, define product features and stories, create a roadmap (or a story map) for your product, and start working on it. For more detailed work planning and management, Craft offers splitting activities into different releases and prioritization of specific tasks.


This tool offers various Agile features for project management purposes: Kanban board, scrum feature, sprints, ideas backlog, and roadmaps. Hygger provides a full picture of the project you’re working on and allows to share the data across many project management tools used in the company. With its rich management functionality, you can prioritize tasks, push them to development, and implement valuable ideas from the backlog. This helps complete projects faster and more efficiently.

Product Board

Manage projects and build products that your customers want: define project scope, milestones, priorities, keep track of progress, and adapt the process to the changing requirements. Turn initiatives and ideas into actions, define and visualize the strategic value of specific ideas, collect user insights, and calculate user impact score. This way, the tool allows connecting your development process to the needs of your clients.

Sharp Cloud

The app helps collect and explore the data through multiple lenses. This helps gain new insights and get more value of the projects you are working on. Flexible views allow to analyze various aspects of project data, assess impacts of different decisions, and overview all connections between different elements. Cooperate with colleagues, monitor project progress, and communicate with your audience.


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