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Robots Have Taken James Gosling Away From Google

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Well that didn't last very long.  For just 5 months, Google employed the renowned Father of Java.  Now developers can forget about seeing anything amazing and wonderful emerging from the Google-Gosling team-up.  In his latest blog post, Gosling writes that after meeting lots of great people and "much anguish" he's already decided to leave Google. 

What could possibly have stolen him away from the best place to work in the world?


Gosling says that while at Google he also met some interesting people outside of the company who were doing something "completely outrageous."

This is a picture of the "Wave Glider;" an autonomous robot that monitors various environmental metrics in the ocean, and then sends that information back to Cloud servers via GSM, WiMAX, and satellite uplink.  Apparently James is the new chief software architect for the whole process—from onboard software to the data transfer and architecture.  Gosling sees lots of room for improvement in these surfing bots and openly welcomes the challenge.

Maybe Google wasn't challenging enough for Gosling?  We'll never know, but now we do know one thing.

Remember back when he first joined Google, and we all thought it had something to do with helping Google's defense in the Android/Oracle Lawsuit?  Those rumors can be put to rest, unless you think that James could have left specifically because he was being employed for that reason.  Either way, I bet he's happy that he's free from the legal minefield for now.

Check out this video for more info on the Wave Gliders

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