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The Role of Customer Analytics in Software Testing

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The Role of Customer Analytics in Software Testing

Customer analytics can benefit the testing team and help in forming the automation strategy. Understanding the customer behavior can improve your app.

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Usually, whenever a new system is developed and its testing is done, then the application APIs are tested along with its UI. Sometimes, the test team members suppose that all of the broken interfaces have been identified and corrected. As the complete automation of UI testing is quite expensive, whenever the problems of a UI have to be identified, test team members have to be extra careful so that a flawless UI is delivered. To do that, you can follow a few strategies, which we have defined in this article.

Prepare the Test Strategy By Using User Data

A number of test automation tools are available in the market, but they may and may not be compatible with your application. You may need a connector to make both of them compatible with each other, which may be costly and take a lot of time.

To make the process easier, you can take the help of user activity log, which should track the user actions. It can help you in identifying that which of the feature of your app is mostly used by your customers — or, in other words, how many of your customers used which of the app features. In this way, you can decide which features you should automate.

By understanding the customer interest, not only do test team members benefit but also the other departments like production department. They may know which feature of the app must be optimally designed so that the customer can use it easily. Similarly, the program management team can know that where the risk lies and in future the improvements may be required, while the marketing team may know that where the competitors may focus and how should these features can be made simpler and more customer-friendly.

User analytics can help you a lot in preparing your test strategies. Through any online QA testing certification, you can also train the employees to make them efficient and an expert tester while being active in his job.

Which Browser Configuration Should Be Used?

For any web application, it can be used and accessed by a number of browsers as the user may and may not be tech savvy. So, for the tester, it may be a question that which browser and which version of that browser must they use to test the application. If you look at the user analytics, then you will figure it out that they may use any of the existing browsers including Opera, Chrome, Forefox, Internet Explorer, or Safari. Even the game console’s browsers may be used by a few of the customers. If you have the customer’s data, then you can know and test most of the browsers, but still, 20% of your customers may remain unpredictable.

 To resolve the issue, you must test the application on the latest version of almost every browser so that you can provide good browsing experience to your customer. For that, you can use the user agent string, which may help you in identifying that whether your customers are coming from any low-priority browser. In such a case you can flash a message to inform that they can get the best browsing experience by using or updating their browser or that they should update the browser to get the best browsing experience. Through this technique you can know and provide the best experience to your web users, but is not the same case for the mobile users because you can not ask your user to change or update their mobile device.

For mobile testing, you can test the application on various popular mobile devices, and for other kinds, you can take the help of emulators. For the rest, you can take the help of cloud-based device farms or crowd-testing service providers.

Prioritize the Tests According to the Customer’s Usage

By knowing the customer usage patterns, you can perform testing in a strategic manner. For example, if we talk about UI test automation, then you can know that how much UI automation is needed. You can know and identify the services most used by your customers, either fundamental or advanced web services or UI features. Even they can identify the services required to perform more atomic tasks and as well as services that can perform more functions. It's the same with testing parameter-based services, where you may require a few essential and a few optional parameters. You can make all possible permutations and choose the best one. In short, the most-used service must be automated first to make the service better. In this way, you can also prioritize the tasks.

Customer analytics can benefit the testing team and help in forming the automation strategy. The most preferred services of the client can help the team in focusing the most important configuration. So, understanding the customer behavior can improve the overall performance of your application.

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