Round 2 Results of Eclipse Logo Feedback

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Round 2 Results of Eclipse Logo Feedback

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I have been slow in publishing the second round voting of the logo feedback survey.   Unfortunately, EclipseCon was pretty much all consuming for the past two weeks.

We had another good turnout for the second round of voting, 1196 people participated.  I really appreciate the time and feedback people provided.  Unfortunately the results are very mixed: 73% (875 votes) of the people think changing the logo is a good idea but no clear preference for one concept emerged.   The top two concepts were within 10 votes of each other.  If you consider 321 people indicated they would prefer to stay with the existing logo, it makes the top two concepts plus keep the existing logo almost a dead heat.

In hindsight, this was probably a very predictable outcome.   Graphic design is a very subjective topic so lots of different opinions should be expected.  The process of crowd sourcing the design concepts worked really well. Lots of great concepts were submitted and I really appreciate the participation.   We will award the $500 (plus $150[1]) to Agon who posted the top concept on CrowdSpring .  I will also try to make sure the top concept designers receive some Eclipse SWAG for their efforts.

How to proceed with an updated logo is less certain.  As I mentioned when we started this effort, changing the logo is a LOT of effort for the project teams, the Foundation and the entire ecosystem that uses the existing Eclipse logo.  Selecting one of the concepts without significant community support just doesn’t seem like the right thing to do.  Therefore, I am going to recommend we not change the logo.  I realize this might not be popular with some people but I think taking a more conservative approach is the best option at the moment.   In the grand scheme of things, at this time I don’t believe the cost to the Foundation and the project teams is worth the benefit.

[1] We need to pay an extra $150 so we could delay our decision past the normal 7 days provided by CrowdSpring.

From http://ianskerrett.wordpress.com/2010/03/29/round-2-results-of-eclipse-logo-feedback/


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