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Ruboto Team Releases Ruboto 1.2.0

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In conjunction with the announcement of the Android L preview, the team at Ruboto has released an update to their platform featuring support for Lollipop and the ART runtime.

If you aren’t familiar, Ruboto is a platform that allows Ruby developers to create fully-featured Android apps in JRuby.

Along with some bugfixes, Ruboto 1.2.0 includes these updates:

  • Issue #523 Support for ART
  • Issue #645 Make ::R refer to $package.R instead of android.R
  • Issue #652 Set a layout attribute by name even if it is not a JavaBean attribute (like margins and padding).
  • Issue #654 Access android.R inner classes like android.R.id and android.R.attr directly
  • Issue #656 Add support for Android L developer preview
courtesy of Ruboto

For more information on this update, head over to Ruboto’s release notes here

As always, stay tuned to DZone’s Mobile Zone for all of the latest Android L news.

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