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Ruby CSV To XML Converter

This code will take an input CSV file and output XML. IT was easy to write, but I haven't found anything out there to do this. The first line of the CSV file should contain the element names.


require 'csv'

print "CSV file to read: "
input_file = gets.chomp

print "File to write XML to: "
output_file = gets.chomp

print "What to call each record: "
record_name = gets.chomp

csv = CSV::parse(File.open(input_file) {|f| f.read} )
fields = csv.shift

puts "Writing XML..."

File.open(output_file, 'w') do |f|
  f.puts ''
  f.puts ''
  csv.each do |record|
    f.puts " <#{record_name}>"
    for i in 0..(fields.length - 1)
      f.puts "  <#{fields[i]}>#{record[i]}"
    f.puts " "
  f.puts ''
end # End file block - close file

puts "Contents of #{input_file} written as XML to #{output_file}."

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