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Ruby - Merb Edge + Feather Install

..install merb / etc / feather

..install dependencies
sudo gem install addressable english rspec
sudo gem install archive-tar-minitar tzinfo

..install merb edge
git clone git://
cd extlib
sudo rake install
cd ..

sudo git clone git://
sudo git clone git://
sudo gem install erubis rake json_pure rspec rack hpricot mime-types
cd merb-core ; sudo rake install ; cd ..
cd merb-more ; sudo rake install ; cd ..

..install datamapper-edge

..make sure you have openssl-ruby installed otherwise these will not compile!

sudo aptitude install openssl-ruby

sudo gem install ParseTree -v=2.1.1
sudo gem install ruby2ruby -v=1.1.8
sudo gem install addressable english rspec
mkdir -p ~/src cd ~/src
sudo gem install sake
sake -i
sake dm:clone
cd dm
sake dm:install feather
git clone git://
git clone git://
cd feather

..create database.yml in /feather/config/database.yml
    adapter: mysql
    database: feather
    username: root
    host: localhost
#   socket: /var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock file then
cd ..
mkdir db

..create database manually
mysql -u root [password]

..then create db
create database feather;

..then exit mysql
exit; init the feather database
merb -i

..then in the merb console (specific to merb-edge)

..exit merb console, then run

..navigate browser to
http://localhost:4000/         [your blog]
http://localhost:4000/admin    [admin panel]

..your admin login will be initially
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