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RubyMine Intelligence for Ruby Data Types

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When it comes to writing code, one of the things that improves performance in modern IDEs is code completion. The smarter code completion is the more productive you can be.

With dynamic languages such as Ruby, there's type inference, and it is sometimes not easy to suggest a good completion list because there can be several variable types in a particular line of code. In RubyMine we added a bunch of intelligence to be as precise as possible in guessing data types in every context.

IDE can be a great helper for a developer in many ways.

Here are some examples where RubyMine is the best:

  • Getting possible types for local variables (as shown in the screenshot above)
  • Detecting type of 'for' loop index variable
  • Discovering the difference between TrueClass and FalseClass
  • Understanding the NilClass object
  • Detecting types of block variables
  • Guessing method return value type from method comment
  • Assistance in handling errors with custom exception types

See recent RubyMine Blog posts for details on this kind of intelligence.

Or download RubyMine to try it yourself!


-JetBrains RubyMine Team 


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