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Run Android Ice Cream Sandwich On Your PC With WindowsAndroid

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The Android platform has comes too long since the release of first Android in 2008. But it’s the first and only platforms for cell phones, smart TVs, some entertainment stuff for vehicles and for some desktops like Raspberry Pi. Having Android PC can more useful if we consider its huge app ecosystem. In 2011, BLUESTACKS offer you to run some Androids apps on your PC, but if you want to make your PC full of Android apps you need to have emulation. Windows Android is an emulator which allows you to enjoy apps of Android, some more widgets and settings.

How to Run Android Ice Cream Sandwich On a PC

You can easily run Android on windows using the official emulator with the Android SDK. For the Installation process it requires some more configurations which cannot be done with the slow computers. Windows Android offers you an amazing experience that comes with some apps before the full installations and also offers you to add more in your PC. Keep in mind that Play store is not directly add in the apps and need to put through some other way round.

When app are need to use, the ICS locks comes up, grab it with your mouse and put it on the circle of OS to unlock it. After completing this task you are accessed to the home screen. With the clock and app drawer on the right edge of the screen drag and fit this on the center of screen. Just like that of Android phone or tablet, you get total 5 screens, few shortcuts and you successfully made WIDGETS.

Tutorial to Run Android Ice Cream Sandwich On a PC

Windows Andriod

Clicking the home button will open the fully installed apps and widgets. The pre-installed apps will contain like calculator, calendar, gallery, settings like the same that of Android. Some apps like we discussed earlier, Play store, Gmail, Play music are absent. The widgets button will allows you to put the apps and different widgets on the Home screen.

WindowsAndroid app-drawer

Customized apps can be installed by the help of these apks in the data folder of directory of WindowsAndroid. By putting the apks in the folder will automatically install the app but you just need to restart the app again.

App installations

The app is in the developing process and it will crash during the testing. However the speed benefits the emulator to make it promising. But it also depends on the developer Stability Issues.

Download Tool Here [Link 1]

Download Tool Here [Link 2]

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