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Running Alluxio on Hadoop 2.7

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Running Alluxio on Hadoop 2.7

Using Alluxio (formerly Tachyon) as an in-memory accelerator for Hadoop to accelerate any data access to HDFS including Hive QL queries and ODBC calls.

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Alluxio can be installed on Vanilla Hadoop or also a distribution like Hortonworks' latest 2.4.

To get started, check out Alluxio's Getting Started Guide.

To use on HDP, you need to edit the /opt/alluxio-1.0.1/conf/alluxio-env.sh after you create it and change the port from 9000 to 8020.

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You can also override at the command line:


To setup Alluxio. First download it.

bin/alluxio format[root@sandbox
alluxio-1.0.1]# bin/alluxio formatConnecting to
localhost as root...Warning: Permanently
added 'localhost' (RSA) to the list of known hosts.Formatting Alluxio
Worker @ sandbox.hortonworks.comConnection to
localhost closed.Formatting Alluxio
Master @ localhost[root@sandbox
alluxio-1.0.1]# bin/alluxio-start.sh local
Killed 0 processes
on sandbox.hortonworks.comKilled 0 processes
on sandbox.hortonworks.comConnecting to
localhost as root...Killed 0 processes
on sandbox.hortonworks.comConnection to
localhost closed.Formatting RamFS:
/mnt/ramdisk (1gb)Starting master @
localhost. Logging to /opt/alluxio-1.0.1/logsStarting worker @
sandbox.hortonworks.com. Logging to /opt/alluxio-1.0.1/logs
/opt/alluxio-1.0.1/logs/user.log <==2016-05-25
17:22:45,622 INFO  logger.type
(Format.java:formatFolder) - Formatting
17:22:45,656 INFO  logger.type
(Format.java:formatFolder) - Formatting
17:22:45,657 INFO  logger.type
(Format.java:formatFolder) - Formatting
17:22:45,659 INFO  logger.type
(Format.java:formatFolder) - Formatting
/opt/alluxio-1.0.1/logs/worker.log <==2016-05-26
20:46:19,189 INFO 
server.AbstractConnector (AbstractConnector.java:doStart) - Started
20:46:19,189 INFO  logger.type
(UIWebServer.java:startWebServer) - Alluxio Worker Web service started @
20:46:19,191 INFO  logger.type
(AbstractClient.java:connect) - Alluxio client (version 1.0.1) is trying to
connect with BlockMasterWorker master @ sandbox.hortonworks.com/
20:46:19,199 INFO  logger.type
(AbstractClient.java:connect) - Client registered with BlockMasterWorker master
@ sandbox.hortonworks.com/
20:46:19,312 INFO  logger.type
(AlluxioWorker.java:start) - Started worker with id 12016-05-26
20:46:19,312 INFO  logger.type
(AlluxioWorker.java:start) - Alluxio Worker version 1.0.1 started @
20:46:20,311 INFO  logger.type
(AbstractClient.java:connect) - Alluxio client (version 1.0.1) is trying to
connect with FileSystemMasterWorker master @
20:46:20,311 INFO  logger.type
(AbstractClient.java:connect) - Client registered with FileSystemMasterWorker
master @ sandbox.hortonworks.com/
20:46:20,313 INFO  logger.type
(AbstractClient.java:connect) - Alluxio client (version 1.0.1) is trying to
connect with FileSystemMasterWorker master @
20:46:20,314 INFO  logger.type
(AbstractClient.java:connect) - Client registered with FileSystemMasterWorker
master @ sandbox.hortonworks.com/

To validate your install, run the tests:

./bin/alluxio runTests
All tests passed

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You can view from the command line (http://www.alluxio.org/documentation/en/Command-Line-Interface.html)

alluxio-1.0.1]# ./bin/alluxio fs ls /default_tests_files
80.00B  05-26-2016 20:49:01:243  In Memory 
84.00B  05-26-2016 20:49:02:877  In Memory 
80.00B  05-26-2016 20:49:04:432  In Memory 
84.00B  05-26-2016 20:49:08:236  In Memory 
80.00B  05-26-2016 20:49:12:342  In Memory 
84.00B  05-26-2016 20:49:16:392  In Memory 
80.00B  05-26-2016 20:49:20:851  In Memory 
84.00B  05-26-2016 20:49:23:190  In Memory 
80.00B  05-26-2016 20:49:25:152  In Memory 
84.00B  05-26-2016 20:49:26:975  In Memory 
80.00B  05-26-2016 20:49:28:595  In Memory 
84.00B  05-26-2016 20:49:32:375  In Memory 
80.00B  05-26-2016 20:49:36:505  In Memory 
84.00B  05-26-2016 20:49:40:823  In Memory 
80.00B  05-26-2016 20:49:44:827  In Memory 
84.00B  05-26-2016 20:49:47:248  In Memory 
80.00B  05-26-2016 20:49:49:614  In Memory 
84.00B  05-26-2016 20:49:52:384  In Memory 
80.00B  05-26-2016 20:49:55:107  In Memory 
84.00B  05-26-2016 20:49:59:675  In Memory 
80.00B  05-26-2016 20:50:03:639  Not In Memory 
84.00B  05-26-2016 20:50:07:425  Not In Memory 
80.00B  05-26-2016 20:50:11:384  In Memory 
84.00B  05-26-2016 20:50:13:310  In Memory 

You can access these files from Spark and Flink. Alluxio has configurable storage tiers (memory, HHD, SSD) and can sit on top of HDFS.

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To browse the Alluxio file system and also view metrics: http://localhost:19999/home

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