Running Mongorocks In Production

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Running Mongorocks In Production

In this talk, Facebook share some lessons learned about running MongoRocks in production.

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It’s been a long first day at Percona Live 2016, filled with awesome insight and exciting topics. I was able to get to one more lecture before calling quits. For the final talk I saw today I listened to Igor Canadi, Software Engineer at Facebook, Inc., discuss Running MongoRocks in Production.

Facebook has been running MongoDB 3.0 with RocksDB storage engine (MongoRocks) at Parse since March of last year (2015). At this talk, they wanted to share some lessons learned about running MongoRocks in production. Igor was able to provide some interesting war stories and talk about performance optimization. Along with a little bit about RocksDB internals and which counters are most important to watch for.

RocksDB compares favorably to both the MMAP and WiredTiger storage engines when it comes to large write workloads.

The audience came away from the talk ready to get their feet wet with MongoRocks.

Below is a quick chat I had with Igor about RocksDB and MongoDB:

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