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RxJava and Android: How to Develop on Android Without Losing Your Mind

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RxJava and Android: How to Develop on Android Without Losing Your Mind

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A recent post from Mark Hudnall's blog discusses the purpose and implementation of RxJava, which is a Java implementation of FRP (Functional Reactive Programming). RxJava can do a lot to help manage user interaction, particularly while updating the UI during user interactions or working in the background. Hudnall's post covers the topic from a few different angles:

  • The AsyncTask techniques of the past
  • The RxJava alternative
  • Composition of logically separated tasks
  • Responding to user interaction

While there are a few pitfalls that Hudnall points out, RxJava looks, for the most part, like a promising alternative to Android's AsyncTask class. Check out Hudnall's full post for all the details, and maybe you can keep some of Android's less cooperative aspects from driving you crazy.

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