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Safester - Java OpenPGP Encryption in the Cloud

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Safester - Java OpenPGP Encryption in the Cloud

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What it does

Safester is a service which offer strong end-to-end OpenPGP encryption for emails and files. Safester has been designed from the ground to be very easy to install and to use, and to give maximum comfort to its users.

Safester lets you exchange encrypted messages and files with other Safester users and invite non-user to open a free account (we have free basic plans). So you can virtually encrypt messages to anyone you'd like. Messages and files are stored encrypted in the cloud and can be accessed from almost any desktop computer (Windows, Mac OS X and Linux/Unix).

Offer includes a full featured and unlimited in time free version.

How it is done (Java stuff)  

Safester is entirely developed in Java:

  • Client software is in Java 6 & Swing.
  • Server side is in Java 6 with Tomcat 6 and PostgreSQL 8.
  • We intensively used great third party open source libraries :
    • Apache Commons and especially Apache HttpClient for http client/server exchanges.
    • Bouncy Castle for cryptography.  
    • Google Gson for data transport.

We have also developed for this project an open source framework for :

  1. easy file transfer between PC and server,
  2. easy call of remote java classes from PC,
  3. accessing securely remote SQL from desktop app using JDBC.

(It will be released this month as “Awake”. Let me know if you are interested and I’ll be glad to notify you).

To Try Safester

Free download is here: https://www.safester.net/install

For more information, please check our web site: http://www.safester.net


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