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Samsung and the Rise of the IoT

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Samsung and the Rise of the IoT

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We’ve been hearing for quite some time how the Internet of Things would be everywhere in 2020. That it would be the largest industry in the world.

And at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, the IoT has taken centerstage. For the last few years, IoT has been a buzzword companies have used to drum up excitement and investors. This year, however, we’re beginning to see real applications of these technologies. And no company could outdo Samsung, the self-appointed champion of the Internet of Things.

Samsung has made some bold claims this year. Their vision is not just of a complete line of products that is connected to each other, but that have the ability to connect with any device.

Read that again - Samsung wants you to be able to connect their line of products with any other device out there.

This all started last year when Samsung acquired SmartThings, an emerging IoT power that focused on creating compatibility between different devices. Essentially, SmartThings translates one standard to work with another. 

Samsung’s commitment to keeping their standards open versus within their ecosystem is probably the most impressive part of all of this. And hopefully, it’s an example that other leading companies in the industry can follow.

So what kind of plans do Samsung have for the future?

Samsung wants every device you own (even things you wouldn’t expect to be connected to the internet) to be connected in the next five years. To facilitate this, they’re committed to creating exclusively Internet-connected devices, with their full line of products being connectable by 2020.

Their vision is grandiose, that’s for sure. And it’s unclear how much cooperation they will receive from their biggest competitors. But it’s hard to argue that their philosophy on open connectivity is wrong. In order for the vision many of us have for IoT to come true, it’s paramount that these mega companies collaborate so that all of our devices can communicate.

I’ll leave you with a clip from Samsung’s keynote, giving you an idea (or an ideal, really) of what Samsung’s vision really looks like. Let’s hope Samsung’s can turn this fantasy into a reality.


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