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Sanitize Runaway Z Indexes!

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Sanitize Runaway Z Indexes!

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This is a function I wrote to sanitize zIndexes of a list of elements that you may continually are bringing to the top of a page.  This function goes through HTML Elements and makes all the numbers as low as can be without affecting ordering. 

Feel free to make suggestions or to use this code how you'd like. 

One condition, please just tell me if you're using it, and if you have ideas for improvement, let me know
kenny[@t  ]]]standsolid.com

function sanitizeZ(elements){

	function sortByZIndex(a, b){
		return a[1] - b[1];

	var tempZArray = new Array();
	for(i in elements)
		tempZArray.push([i, elements[i].style.zIndex]);


	for(i in tempZArray)
		elements[ tempZArray[i][0] ].style ['zIndex'] = i;


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