Sanity Tests for Alexa Skills, Google Home Actions, and Messenger Bots

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Sanity Tests for Alexa Skills, Google Home Actions, and Messenger Bots

Here's a template you can download for some quick, easy, general testing of your virtual assistant applications.

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A sanity test should quickly evaluate if your application answers a specific set of questions as expected. The point of a sanity test is to rule out certain classes of obviously false results, not to catch every possible error. A rule of thumb may be checked to perform the test. The advantage of a sanity test, over performing a complete or rigorous test, is speed.

Sanity Test

Sanity testing is performed on all of the different enabled channels; Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Facebook Messenger, phone assistant, text, and web chatbot/voicebot.

  • For some apps (e.g. banking apps), you might need to do account linking (the ability to connect the end user identity with a user in another system). Depending on the channel you select, account linking might be done with the help of the Amazon Alexa App, Google simulator, etc. using the Authorization URL.
  • While testing, it’s necessary to check all the intents using more than one sample (user question). The examples are given in the template.
  • Make sure that when required, the user receives a message from the system; SMS, phone call, or email (depending on the intent and user preferences).
  • The user must get some kind of reprompt (e.g. ‘What else would you like to ask me about?’), each time they stay silent, say “no” to the assistant’s question, or are expected to proceed in the conversation in any way.
  • An informative error message should appear when the information the user asked about was not found.

Sanity Test Template

We created a template to help you plan and track your tests.

  • List all the tested intents. For each intent, mark all the relevant features to be tested; card, SMS, phone call, e-mail.
  • For each intent, list several questions, and their expected answers. If the intent is a part of a flow, list the possible followup responses.
  • If account linking is enabled, list the needed accounts and account details.

You can download the template, with some demo data here.

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